Project objective:

The main aim of the project is the cooperation of the participating institutions in the development and testing of applications for mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc..). These applications will be used during maths lessons in lower and upper secondary schools in order to increase the attractiveness and efficiency of teaching difficult parts of school mathematics in Slovakia and Norway. 

Main project activities:

Implementation of applications is carried out by students of Applied Informatics, as a part of their final thesis, based on the specifications of local working groups. Initial implementation will be done in English and for the Android platform, the final version of the application will have Slovak and Norwegian language version and will be edited to the iOS platform.
Applications’ testing will be done at several levels: first functional testing will be done by students who create applications and their teachers, who are thesis supervisors. Further testing will be carried out by local working groups and after the approval of this application, it will be tested in lower and upper secondary schools in both countries.
Mobility of students, PhD students, researchers and developers focused mainly on joint work on applications, their commenting, testing and designing specifications for new applications that are consistent with the curriculum of both countries.
Creating of methodical handbook that will contain a description of the functionality of individual applications that were created by the project, together with methodological instructions for how and when teachers within the educational process applications to use and for what purpose. The handbook will be available in the Slovak and Norwegian languages.


Project durationt:

February 2016 - April 2016